6. Energy Update is Live + new team member

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3 min readJan 8, 2023

Energy, Food, Beverages, and Tools are now live on https://hogs.gg

In the previous post, we talked about how energy will play a part in the upcoming update. We are very excited to share that today the Energy update is now live.

This was a considerable undertaking with material changes to many contracts and new contracts being written. Some of the larger initiatives in this update included new Game Engine and Marketplace contracts, which were necessary if we are to add new features without a huge amount of heavy lifting. With all of these changes, we believe we have built a solid foundation for things to come.

Introducing Mine Crier

Today we are also introducing our newest member of the team, Mine Crier (MC). Welcome to the team Mine Crier!

Mine Crier (MC) has joined the House of Goblins to help the team get the word out about the project. MC is also a goblin you can confide in and share your thoughts. MC will respond if called upon but don’t be surprised if MC seems a bit off, it's still finding its way through the mines.

Eventually, MC will be able to respond to more complex questions about the game, airdrop $GORE, provide blockchain notifications, send props for good deeds, and more. For now, MC is doing a wonderful job of entertaining anyone who interacts with it.

What is this Energy Update?

There are quite a few dynamics in this update but for the most part, it’s all about making sure your Goblin is fed and watered in order to mine $GORE.

Some of the nuances related to how the benefits of energy and tools are applied to race become more significant in this release. As an example, Violet Goblins mine more efficiently by nature and when we apply tools to Violets we will see a significant boost versus other races. That said, the Violet race is not very efficient at consuming energy, and therefore their multiplier when applying food and drink has less effect than other races. There are many nuances like this, but the only way you will really get a feel for things is if you play.

Acquire your nourishment and tools in the Bazaar with $GORE, and remember to be patient with Polygon, sometimes she struggles. If you don’t see the effect of tools or food on your goblin give it a minute and refresh the page.

We are happy we could bring this update early in the new year, we would be happier had it happened sooner. Grab yourself a Goblin on OpenSea and join in on the fun! (We also added $MATIC as an additional currency for payment on OpenSea.)

Be sure to follow House of Goblins, and Mine Crier on Twitter. There will be more details regarding the mechanics of this update and other news to follow.

🎉 Happy New Year! We wish everyone the very best in 2023! 🎉

Mine Crier — House of Goblins Team AI



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