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House of Goblins
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The House Of Goblins (HOGs) is not just a hand drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it’s a blockchain game with many dimensions. A game where Goblins can mine Goblin Ore (GORE), do battle, go on adventures, rescue missions and engage in an all out war. It starts with owning a Goblin.

HOGs is a decentralized, NFT collection and PVP/PVE strategy game built on the Polygon network. With the Polygon solution, players of HOGs gain access to near-zero gas fees for conjuring or exchanging of assets as well as sub-second transaction times, all with user maintained NFT custody.

An entire world of iconic, collectable NFT characters, creatures, items and consumables, designed by some of the world’s most talented artists is at your fingertips. Look out for ultra-rare 1-of-1's made with love by our co-founder and creative lead Chupacabra. HOGs offers its community a unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle, and earn rare NFTs in game assets.

In addition, mining mechanisms allow staked NFTs (Goblins in the Mines) to receive GORE (ERC-20 token). GORE is predominantly a utility token that lives within the game. There will be an opportunity to trade GORE in-game for other tokens as well as part of a token bridge.

Founding HOGs contributors, Gorelags, Gorefinger, Chupacabra and Goremoth offer a diverse set of skills in film, gaming, IT and crypto space that make this project stand out from others.

There will also be a governance token HOGS which could be staked in yield farms for more HOGS or you choose alternative upcoming partner tokens as rewards. These rewards are in exchange for providing liquidity and to further distribute sources of liquidity of HOGS and therefore governance of the HOGs community*.(*There are risks associated with DeFi, particularly staking and smart contract risk, and contract configurations are being developed continuously and subject to change and sentiment expressed by the HOGs community). Dates for the HOGS TGE will be announced soon.

Stage 1

As part of Stage 1 (shipped between October 2021, completed March 2022), GORE was released in Discord scavenger hunts+airdrops and then later was redeemed in the game itself. Most players used at least some of the GORE they collected to conjure Goblins. Once they had taken possession of their Goblins, many they put Goblins to work in the mines, digging for GORE. There has been a lot of Goblin sacrificing, which just completed.

Current Stats: Currently there have been approximately 12,000 Goblins conjured with nearly half of those being sacrificed. Another ~3200 Goblins are in the mines. Approximately 300,000 GORE has been mined and is held by ~1300 players.

Stage 2

Stage 2 will mark the beginning of the next phase of game development and the introduction of many new facets of the game, including more utility for GORE through a new marketplace, enhanced performance traits, power-ups, energy levels and more.

The House of Goblins

Stage 2 — Game Introduction

House of Goblins is a blockchain strategy game. A unique blend of old lore and ghoulish fantasy, players will embark on adventures, rescue missions and war, travelling from region to region battling other Goblins, creatures, capturing enemies and collecting treasures.

It combines elements of traditional PVP/PVE blockchain collection games with pre-formatted battle mechanics. Both passive and active, players can spend as much or as little time as they wish in the game. Ultimate success depends on the formation of strategically diverse teams with a healthy balance of roles and traits.

There are larger mysteries in the House of Goblins that will be discovered over time, both by the individual player and the community as a whole. It will serve as the launchpad for a number of titles that span several genres.

House of Goblins Evolution

What are these Goblins about anyways?

Goblins don’t like to share and that includes the mountains they called home. Unfortunately for them the contents of those mountains were coveted by other species as well and the Goblin kingdom found itself under assault from the rival nations of the Dwarves, Vermin and others. The war became known as the Shortstack War and was the bloodiest conflict in history for any race under four feet tall. Though the war was never decisively won by any side, the Goblins lost ground and receded further under the mountains.

Goblins grow and evolve, taking on new, more powerful traits. Each Goblin has an affinity for certain environments in the world around them, making them more powerful in some situations than others. As such you are rewarded when you add creatures and items that leverage the strengths of your existing team.

Some Goblins are more common than others, with the rarest almost never being seen, let alone conjured. The power of Goblins also varies, and is loosely related to their rarity and various traits. If you manage to defeat them in battle, you can collect them and some of the treasures they might be holding. If you don’t have much time to play, but still want a powerful team, then head to the Exchange where you can purchase Goblins and associated NFTs from other players. Keep an eye out for rare 1 of 1s. These are far less common and far more valuable.

Goblin King

Stage 2 will introduce new partners and a number of new traits, items, token pools, yield farming + features that will expand over time.

What will you choose? Will you dominate in the battlefield with tactical clans, or will you build a collection that is the envy of your peers? Will you come together to defend the House of Goblins against the Vermin in the upcoming Shortstack War? Or will you abandon your clan and set out on your own? The lore runs deep in this game, we are only just getting started.


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House of Goblins

The House Of Goblins is not just a hand drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it’s a blockchain game with many dimensions.