3. Gameplay-Stage 1

House of Goblins
3 min readMar 22, 2022


Long ago, Goblins roamed the mountains, a constant threat to everyone that stepped foot in their territory. Though small in stature, this temperamental race had strength in numbers and a pettiness that knew no equal. So petty in fact that skirmishes among their own ranks would break out for something as little as not holding the door open for the Goblin behind you.

The player is the master of his Goblins, in this world they call the House of Goblins.

Gameplay — Stage 1 (active)

House of Goblins (HOGs), at its heart, will be a PVP/PVE game where players are the masters of their Goblins and associated assets in the game. In Stage 1, players can do a few things with their Goblins and GORE:

  1. Conjure Goblins
  2. Send their newly conjured Goblins to the Goblin Mines to gather Goblin Ore (GORE)
  3. Sacrifice their Goblins in the Conjuring Pit for the price of 20 $GORE. each. Each sacrifice will produce a new Goblin in place of the sacrificed Goblin. Chances to conjure a 1of1. There are several 1of1's left at time of writing this.

One of the many ways HOGs differentiates itself from other blockchain games is in strategy and combat, which is not turn-based. Instead each combat instance is an auto battle, where the player selects and places their Goblins, Weapons and Creatures strategically with the intention of countering their opponent. As such it is extremely important to select Goblins that can come together to form a balanced and synergistic unit.


Traits are the basis for your Goblins’ core capabilities. Rarity will be determined by two key factors:

  • Goblin race (color)
  • Accessories

The Goblin race rarity breakdown is as follows:

Goblin accessories will be split 80/20 regardless of their race → 80% will NOT have accessories, 20% will.

What Does This Mean?

The rare Goblins will be of red and/or purple race with accessories. It would be wise to HOLD these unless you get enjoyment from seeing your hard earned money on fire.

There will also be special one off Goblins (1of1's) that are 100% unique meaning that they will have accessories not available to the rest of the Goblins. THESE ARE THE RAREST OF THE RARE!

Snoop Goblin was recently minted by one of our members during Sacrificing:

Basic Traits (Properties)

Goblins traits can come in many forms. Each having a varied degrees of rarity over the other. Some basic traits will have some level of significance in the latter stages of the game. Today they can be combined to create some very rare NFTs. For example, there is only 1 Goblin with the Pharaoh head and the eye Patch:

Here is the list of Basic Traits available in Stage 1:

  • Head (58 variations)
  • Eyes (42 variations)
  • Mouth (32 variations)
  • Race (5 variations)
  • Outfit (66 variations)
  • Accessories (16)
  • Background (7 variations)

Future Gameplay

Development on Stage 2 is already underway. A new White Paper will be available soon which will clear the air on a lot of work schedule for 2022/2023. The WP will also include a description of the HOGS Tokenomics and new game Performance Traits (eg. Energy, Damage, Technique, ++) and everything else that will be available later in Stage 2/3.

Stay tuned for updates, they will be delivered on a weekly basis as we make progress on game development, announce new partners and more.




House of Goblins

The House Of Goblins is not just a hand drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it’s a blockchain game with many dimensions.