5. Energy

House of Goblins
2 min readJul 7, 2022

Roadmap development updates and introductions to some new concepts.

  1. We are currently implementing the concept of Energy, and how it is consumed in the Mine. We will be upgrading the Mining contracts for use with our new Energy game mechanics. The concept here is to have Goblin mining efficiency correlate with the length of time your Goblins are in the Mines gathering GORE (Goblin Ore). The longer your Goblins mine, the less energy they have and the less efficient they become.
  2. Your Goblins are getting hungry, what will you feed them? With this update, we will be introducing Food and Beverages. These items will be purchased to nourish your Goblins as they are set to work in the Mines, sent out on upcoming adventures, or train for battle.
  3. We will be releasing the long-awaited Goblin Hammer as the first in a series of tools, which will increase your Goblin’s mining efficiency. This is a limited-life item so it will also “wear” as it is used, eventually losing all of its lusters.
  4. As would be expected, these items will be available in our new Goblin Bazaar which is also under development.

All of this work should not affect you or your Goblins, or Mining as we know it today. We will be making an announcement as we shift to this new model as we get closer to deployment.

Stay tuned for updates, they will be delivered as we make progress on development, announce new partners, and more!




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